Karen Pearlman
Lecturer, Screen Production at Macquarie University

“Dr Edward Primrose brings a unique combination of intuitive musical responsiveness and incisive intelligence to his work as a composer and teacher. He is a tirelessly committed member of creative teams and offers insight, skill, talent and years of experience to creative processes. And he composes and delivers the most wonderful music!”

Vicki Hansen
Composer, Music Producer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist

“Edward is a wonderful, highly imaginative composer. He has a keen sense of dramaturgy and how music works to help create and enhance a story. As a lecturer, he is thorough, highly knowledgeable and was very helpful in showing me the importance of getting ‘my files in order’, a skill that has helped me greatly to this day. He also gave great advice and instruction in regards to orchestration and instrumentation. He is always keen to challenge the dominant paradigm and getting people to look at things in a different way. I’d highly recommend him for any orchestral/compositional project.”

Recent tertiary student comments:

“Edward’s first hand experience and knowledge in the music and film industry was invaluable. He was a flowing source of information, he was always helpful and had a way of allowing you to think for yourself.”

“Edward is a professional and enthusiastic teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure I am understanding and engaging in the content we cover in lessons.  I would highly recommend him as an outstanding educator.”

“I found Edward’s teaching style very unique, which allowed me to engage in classes in a different, but positive way.”

“A very confident teacher, very good at engaging students and making them interested.”

“Edward Primrose is an inspiration to me. He has a very unique way of teaching that engages you intensely. Very nice man who gave good advice and feedback.”

“Edward was engaging, interesting and knowledgeable. He taught with confidence and provided us all with the tools we needed to succeed in the course and beyond.”

“Basically I feel like he got us all thinking differently very quickly. I think he was very effective in teaching us the most important aspects of composing music for film. He has great presence as a teacher. He commanded respect because it was quite obvious that he was knowledgable on the subject. Really I can’t fault him too much. He challenged us and got us all thinking. Also, he’s got quite fun to be around and conducted the classes in an informal, friendly, yet professional way. It really felt like a highly focused learning environment.”

“At first, Edward is so intellectually intimidating. He puts you on the spot and it can really stuff you, make you feel like an idiot – BUT it makes you realise you need to think better. And that’s what he wants. By the end he was very very warm, but his intimidating teaching style was actually so perfect. Can’t suggest anything better, he’s the man.”

“Edward really cares if you don’t understand, and he makes you really want to be involved in the course. He is so willing to help, and responds to emails almost immediately. He is hilarious, and overall and awesome teacher. I wish all of my classes were taught by Edward.”

“Edward is very educated in film music, and his knowledge on film is shown clearly in his lectures and tutorials.”

“He was very engaging and not in an intimidating way, rather an intellectually challenging way which encourage me to be more thoughtful with my learning and my responses to his challenges.”

Student comments from a course in music for film:

“I found that this course delivered a lot of thoughtful, extremely practical insight, obviously taken from the lecturer’s extensive experience. It has drastically changed the way that I think about putting sound and music to moving image.”

“Edward was very good at engaging the class, we all wanted to speak and discuss our thoughts – he really made us think and maintained our interest.”

“Much of the content that was covered helped with very important things that are relevant to being a professional in the industry.”

“The knowledge was incredible. Really really great. Very useful.”

“The lecturer was incredibly switched on and not only had a passion for the topic, but also had a passion for a further level of thinking in the topic. I felt like I was really pushed to further my depth of knowledge and understanding of on screen content.”

“Learning how to explain emotion through music, making cue lists. Overall everything I learnt in this course was very good.”

“This is an incredibly useful course, especially seeing as I want to get into film and game music. The course not only looks at the technical aspects of using protools with film and the methods of putting music to film, but also spends a lot of time on film analysis, teaching students to understand the diegesis and dramaturgy within the film, giving us a very creative and well-rounded insight into creating music for film, by not simply aligning musical cues with events, but also understanding the motivations for creating music from the perspectives of the director and the actors.”

“This course was by far the most interesting and engaging course I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The assessment was some of the most interesting, fun and challenging tasks I’ve had to complete.”


From an AFTRS short course

“Thank you again for a great weekend symposium. I found it stimulating and educational, but above all else, highly motivating.

“My perspectives were somewhat changed and enhanced by the experience. Mr. Primrose is a stimulating and passionate communicator.”

“A wonderful experience. Helped my career focus by examining matters of importance.”

“It succeeded in making me more aware of music and its contribution to films.”