List of works

Orchestral & Chamber Music

2016–2020  Bach Inverted                  A re-imagining in inverted modes of J.S.Bach’s 48 Preludes & Fugues (Well-Tempered Clavier Vols I & II).                                                                                 96 works for keyboard

2020            Hinged                           Piano & orchestra [ – – 4 percussion, harp, solo piano, strings]

2015-2020   Neikos                             Orchestra [ – – timp, 3 perc, pno, hp, – strings]

2015-2020   Elegy                               String orchestra

2017            Psychotic Osmosis          for contrabass and brass sextet [2 hrns.tpt. 2 tbne. Tuba]

2016            Five movements for nine solo strings     [4 violins, 2 violas, 2 violoncelli, contrabass]

2015            Entre les lignes               (Between the lines) String orchestra

2015            Lignes de faille               (Fault Lines) contra-bass saxophone, 6 tenor trombones

2015            Memoriam                       String orchestra

2013-2015   Acragas                           Orchestra [ – – perc, harp, strings]

2014            Otto Tango                      Saxophone Quartet

2014            Otto Tango                      Two Pianos

1999            Otto Tango                      String Quartet

1998            I Can’t See You But I Know You’re Here!          Orchestra [ – – 2 percussion, harp, piano, – strings]

1997            Resurrection                   Orchestra [ – – percussion, harp, strings]

1996            ‘A’Day                            Orchestra [ – – 2 percussion, harp, strings]

1985            Agon                                SATB choir, piano, percussion

1982            Cinema Music                 Orchestra [ – – 3 perc., hp., strings]

1982            Divertimento                   Flute., clarinet., perc., pno., vln., vcl.

1981            Symphony Nº2 in memoriam Don Banks            Orchestra [ – – 4 perc., hp., pno/cel., strings]

Music for the Screen

2019            The Art of Lies and Obfuscation             SphereSonores, dir Edward Primrose [Voices, horn, string quintet, electronics]

2019            The Assistant                   Orange Room Entertainment, dir Guil Parreras

2017            Little Heart (SF)             Collective X Film Projects, dir Daniel Csutkai; electro-acoustic

2015            A Contramano (SF)        Diorama Pictures, dir Angelica Cristina Dio –[Glass percussion, hulusi, dan moi, electronics].

2013            the dancer from the dance (D)    Physical TV, dir Karen Pearlman; 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, percussion, harp, tabla, synths, double string quintet,                                                                 electronics  (Nominated for Best Music for Documentary, APRA-AGSC 2014)

2009            Detour (SF)                     Twinsister Films, dir Zdenka Simandlova [electronics]

2007            The Sixth Commandment (SF)    Zzizzi Films, dir Craig Carroll. Electro-acoustic

2006            Kill Only This One (SF)  Spherical Music, dir Edward Primrose. Voice, koto, violin, flute, duduk, electro-acoustic

2005            A Stranger in My Homeland (D)            Zimbabwean Film, dir Chloe Traicos

2004            Tasting Heaven (SF)       dir Victors Ritelis. voice, electro-acoustic

2001            Humanimation (D)          dir Michael Bates. Voice, violin, electro-acoustic (Nominated for Best Music for Documentary, APRA-AGSC 2001)

2000            Reverence (D)                 dir Andrea Ulbrick. Viola, violoncello, harp, percussion, electro-acoustic (Nominated for Best Music for Documentary,                                                                APRA-AGSC 2000)

1998            Fantasia Cromatica        dir Paulo Bassi. Piano

1997            Head & Tales                  Flute, sax., vln., cbass., electro-acoustic

1997            Crouching By The Door electro-acoustic, voice, samples

1996            End of the Line                electro-acoustic, voice

1996            Gunsmoke                       electro-acoustic, voices, guitar

1996            Swallowing                     electro-acoustic

1995            Hopper                             electro-acoustic, percussion, trumpet, v’cello, voice

1995            Work Cover (TVC)         electro-acoustic

1995            Persephone                     electro-acoustic

1994            Unacceptable Behaviour     Voice & electro-acoustic

1993            Australia’s Video People     (Series theme) electro-acoustic, trumpet

1990            Above Water                   electro-acoustic

1988            Rhodigel                          corporate video – electroacoustic

1988            Pixim                               corporate video – electroacoustic

1987            ADT                                 corporate video – tape

1985            Spheres of Influence       Musée National d’Art Moderne, dir Tony Oursler. Feature length animation plus video installation. Commissioned by                                                                  the Centre Pompidou, Paris – fl., tpt., gtr., synths., voices

Music & sound design for Theatre

2019            The Art of Lies and Obfuscation      SphereSonores production, cine-music-theatre for solo actor/singer, chamber ensemble and video                                                                                             projection.

2015            The Wife of Empedocles             SphereSonores, cine-music-theatre in 5 acts, for 10 actor/singers, electro-acoustic, ensemble,                                                                                                   [ – – perc, keyboard, harp, SATB, strings]

2014            An Unexpected Execution           Star of the Sea Theatre Company , dir Roz Riley. [electro-acoustic]

2012            Die: a pedagogical fiction          cine-music-theatre, lecture text, actor’s text, A/V display

2007            Dangerous Liaisons                    Star of the Sea Theatre Company , dir Roz Riley. choral, violes, electro-acoustic

2002            The Rood Screen II                     Much Ado Pty Ltd, dir Anna Messariti [Synthesisers, percussion, voices]

2001            The Rood Screen                         Much Ado Pty Ltd, dir Anna Messariti [voices, synthesiser]

2000            Mysteriyaki                                 Much Ado Pty Ltd, dir Anna Messariti, writer Noëlle Janaczewska; [trumpet, voice, koto, electro-acoustic]

2000            Aria de mezzo carattere             East Coast Theatre Company, dir Joseph Uchitel,  [Extase Ensemble Flute, ob/cor a, cl.1, cl.2/bcl, bsn, hrn,                                                                               synthesiser, soprano, 2 vlns, vla, vcl, cb]

1999            Malady of Death                         Pilgrim Theatre, dir Bogdan Koca

1994            The Women of Troy                    tape

1994            Medea                                         East Coast Theatre Company, dir Joseph Uchitel [SATB choir, electro-acoustic]

1987            Otto                                            Théâtre du Carrefour, Paris. dir Edward Primrose voices, tape

1986            The Woman at American Express           American Church, Paris. dir Edward Primrose [tape]

1986            The Train                                    American Church, Paris. dir Edward Primrose [tape]

1985            L’Aventure Eternelle                  Commissioned by the Festival de Limoges, France [flute., tape.]

1983            On the Water Table                    Soprano, Violin, violoncello, narrator, actor

Music and Sound Design for Radio

2014            Ray and Ponce                            ABC RN Soundproof, dir Edward Primrose[electro-acoustic]

2008            Hush Little Baby                         ABC Radio National. [Voice, electro-acoustic]

2005            Ghost Words                               ABC Radio National. dir Anne Wynter, writer Monica Raszewski, [voice, electro-acoustic]

2005            Brother Boy                                ABC Radio National, [voice, bouzouki, saxophones, electro-acoustic]

Vocal and Choral Music

2019            You Are Me                                 from The Art of Lies and Obfuscation. Lyrics Edward Primrose

2017            Peripatetica                                lyrics Edward Primrose

2015            Symposium                                  from The Wife of Empedocles. Lyrics Edward Primrose [Soprano, choir & ensemble]

2015            The Experiment                           from The Wife of Empedocles. Lyrics Edward Primrose [Tenor, choir & ensemble]

2007            Secret Place                                from The Sixth Commandment. [Tenor & guitar. Lyrics Edward Primrose

2005            I Live For You                             lyrics Edward Primrose [Tenor ensemble & band]

2004            Night Box                                    lyrics Edward Primrose

2000            Lost in Love                                From Aria de mezzo carattere. Lyrics by Tim Benzie

2000            Here is My Heartache                From Aria de mezzo carattere. Lyrics by Tim Benzie

1996            Hope                                           From Hopper. Lyrics Edward Primrose

1994            Ave Maria                                   SATB a capella. Traditional

1992            Glad Game                                  lyrics by Marianne Bryant

1992            Change the World                       lyrics by Marianne Bryant

1985            Agon                                            SATB choir, pno, perc. (Text after Ovid)

1980            French Suite                                Text from L’homme approximatif of Tristan Tzara. [sopr., fl., tromb., perc., 3 gtrs, vln/vla., vcl]                                                                                                      (Winner of the ASME Young Composer’s Award)

Electro-acoustic & Electronica

2018            Tabla-Rasa                                 table, electro-acoustic

2004            One Hour Above Earth               electro-acoustic

2003            Float                                           table, electro-acoustic

1999            Go Forth And Multiply               table, electro-acoustic

1999            Lascivious Serenade                   electro-acoustic, voice, violin, tabla, saz, psaltery

1999            Pidgin Funk                                electro-acoustic, voice, soprano sax., tabla, saz, hurdy-gurdy

1997            Into The Soft Centre                    electro-acoustic, voice, soprano Sax., oud, saz, psaltery, percussion

1997            Bath-house                                  synths; soprano saxophone

1997            Before After Probability             electro-acoustic, tabla, percussion

1990            Indian Summer                            electro-acoustic, tabla

1988            Between Two Worlds                  analogue synths

1986            Miss Mee                                     Voice, soprano, el. gtr, electroacoustic

1985            The Glorification of Chords       Narrator, synth

1981            D.E.F                                          Musique concrete, after a radio sports broadcast

Sound Design for Screen

2020             Click (SF)                                  dialogue editing, atmos, mix.

2019             The Assistant (SF)                    dialogue editing, atmos, mix.

2017            Little Heart (SF)                         dialogue editing, atmos, mix.

2016            Reasons and Endings (F)          dialogue editing, atmos, mix.

2015            A Contramano (SF)                    sound effects editing, mix

2006            Kill Only This One (SF)              dialogue editing, sound FX, atmos, film mix.

1999            Backpackers                              sound edit

1999            Take Sally (SF)                          sound edit

1988            Plot Point (F)                             sound edit

1985            Spheres d’influence (F)             dialogue editing, digital FX, atmos

Orchestrations and Arrangements

2013            Stayin’ Alive                                (Bee Gees) for Marching Band

2007            Visions of Mary MacKillop        (Miriam Hyde). Orchestration for ensemble (Sop., Ten., fl., ob., cl. (dbl Bcl), hrn, pno., vln 1&2, vla, vcl, cb)

2000            Prelude & Liebestod                   from Tristan & Isolde (Richard Wagner) Orchestration for chamber ensemble (13 players)

2000            Heroes Are Forever                    Opening Ceremony, Olympic Games, Sydney) Orchestration

1998            Die Walküre                                Three Extracts (Richard Wagner) Arrangement

1997            Clarinet Concerto                       (Chong Lim). Orchestration Clarinet & orchestra

1997            Clarinet Concerto                       (Chong Lim). Orchestration Clarinet & Piano

1994            Channel 7 Station ID                  (Carlo Giacco) Orchestration

1991            Children of the Dragon              (Martin Armiger) Orchestration

1991            The Other Side of Paradise        (Martin Armiger) Orchestration and arrangement

1990            Jingle Bells                                 (Charles) SATB & orchestra

1990            White Christmas                         (Irving Berlin)  Soprano, SATB & orchestra, orchestration