Past projects - video excerpts

All music composed by Edward Primrose

The Assistant

Humanimation - documentary

Detour - opening

Detour - Cigarettes

A Contramano

The dancer from the dance - documentary

The Art of Lies and Obfuscation

The Art of Lies and Obfuscation – A vanishing twin, a woman on a quest, an inter-galactic fantasy, inspired by a famous compendium on the art of lying.

Bio seeks to escape from the lies of earthly existence with the guidance of a visionary self-help manual: “The Art of Lies and Obfuscation: Theory and Practice”. Or so she thinks. In reality, she’s restoring her fractured psyche after an unfortunate experience in the womb.
Initially inspired by the Vanishing Twin Syndrome the work has evolved into a girl’s own adventure as Bio tackles her own messed up unconscious. In the course of her “space voyage”, she converses with her mother, her daughter, her twin sister and her digital avatar.

This work exploits pre-recorded elements (video, music & sound design) in combination with live theatre (actor, music). The actor/singer in this case is called upon to perform all roles, live and pre-recorded. Among other things, the music and sound design function as the glue between the live performer and the screen.

For its world premiere, the actor/singer Talia Rita Graziano courageously embraces multiple roles in a ‘tour de force’ both on stage and on screen in an absurdist science fiction played out over an electronic/orchestral music score.

The work premiered during the Melbourne Fringe Festival, September 2019 produced by SphereSonores.